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Day 1

August 14, 2012




hello friends, we are writing this from a cafe in Kigali, have some Rwandan coffee and tea. I think we have adjusted to the new time zone after our crazy plane rides.

micheal and theo, who work for Rwanda partners, have been taking us around. tomorrow is a catholic holiday, so our official itinerary starts on Thursday. thanks for all the thoughts and prayers,


hello Madre, Padre, Sisher, and all other wonderful followers, we are here, safe and so excited! I can’t stop smiling -I am so happy to be here with our wonderful hosts and this team, although it feels so surreal. more later. love you all! -maddie

hola, compadres! wait. wrong language… sorry. we’re just getting brunch and it is soooo good! I’m excited that we’re finally here. Rwanda is beautiful and I can’t wait to see more of the country and meet more people. for now, I’m just gonna enjoy my food and the good company   :). -katie

Hey friends and family, after 20+ hours of travel, we finally arrived in Rwanda. It was nice to finally get some rest, and now we are all enjoying some breakfast with our awesome hosts. I can’t wait to see more of Rwanda, it is such a beautiful country.


hey everyone!! we’re finally here after traveling for 31 hours. it’s so nice to be sippin on this coffee. already love it here and excited to see more in the weeks to come! 🙂

-Jessica ❤


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  1. Hey Mark! You made it! So excited for you and your team! Thinking and praying for all of you

  2. julia Pfister permalink

    so glad to hear the comments!! very cool! hard to believe you are around the world in another time zone!:) madre:)

  3. Terri Geluso permalink

    Katie: So glad to hear that you’re there and safe. You come to mind so often each day. Many prayers are sent up for you. Are you going to be able to look for Joshua and Christian? (Like you have time for personal pursuits!) Tell them hello and give them lots of love if you do. Be sure and tell us what the city of Kigali is like and all those little details. Love you gobbers! Mom

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