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Here we go!

August 12, 2012

Today, The five us leave for Africa, here are some things I (I believe I speak for us all actually) want to leave you with.


Rwanda was a place torn apart by ethnic genocide in 1994, that is very recent history. These killings were done by neighbors killing neighbors in close proximity (most of the murders were done with machetes). This is a very real part of the culture, however, Rwanda is now a safe and stable place.

God works in mysterious ways, and his hand is very much in Rwanda, there are stories of hope and reconciliation amidst the horror.


While 18 years is not a long time, it is also important to remember it is a fair amount of time, and the country has moved past the genocide in many ways, socially and economically at least. It is a beautiful country and I expect we will find a lot of life to be very normal there. I have been told by several people what a beautiful place Rwanda is.


As I have posted before, a lot of the focus of our trip is to go and learn and build relationships. Don’t expect us to have stories of building houses for 3 weeks.


Here are some things you can be praying for:

Open minds and open hearts to God. As far as I’m concerned, this is the biggest thing. God has everything under control and I think we just have to not fight him and go along for the ride.

Willingness to engage, help each of us be pushed in this trip to really learn and experience new and different things.

-Processing: Colliding with another culture can be stressful and confusing, Rwanda as a very specific and difficult culture on top of that, and so we hope that God will guide our debriefing process, both while we are in country and once we return.

-Team Dynamic: so that the five of us will coexist successfully

Health/ Travel/ Safety

-The little things : All the little details that can get lost amidst the hoopla of a big trip

Peace: For Parents who are sending us, and for us going, we hope that the peace and assurance of God will be ever present.


Thank you for your commitment to Pray and support us! The texts, emails, calls and letters that I personally have received have meant a lot.  


-Zach (and Maddie, Mark, Jessica and Katie)


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