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June 21, 2012

Hello, my name is Mark!

Next year I will be starting my sophomore year at SPU; I cannot believe how fast my first year of college already went by. I am currently pursuing a major in Theology (Christian Mission), with hopes of doing incarnational mission work after college in low-income areas of the Pacific Northwest.

SPRINT Trips and other John Perkins Center programs were what first attracted me to Seattle Pacific, because I wanted to use my college time wisely and find ways of getting out of my daily routine by meeting others, hearing their stories and seeing where God might lead me through such interactions.

I was drawn to the Rwanda trip specifically because I realized it was a trip where I would have to rely on God for everything; there is nothing of my own will or power that I could possibly do to fix the kind of brokenness in Rwanda, and nothing I could say to the people, because there is no possible way for me to relate to what they have experienced.

I hope to be able to hear some of the stories of the people in Rwanda, and how the genocide might have impacted their faith. The body of Christ is so diverse, and for Christianity to exist in a context such as this, it has to take a much different form than what we might be used to seeing on sunday mornings in North America. I want to be reminded of what it is that I take for granted with my faith, and be encouraged to make the changes I need to when I see how God is working in this post-genocide era.

You can be praying that as the date of the trip draws near that I will be spiritually and emotionally prepared for the experience, and that I will be open to walking through the doors that God will be presenting to me during the trip.

Thank you for your support (:


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