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June 2, 2012


Born and raised in Seattle, I am half-way through my time at SPU (which is somewhat of a terrifying thought). I am a Theatre and Communications double major, and no, I am not sure exactly what I want to do with that when I leave school, but that’s OK!

The idea of going on a SPRINT trip was actually planted in the smallest of forms as I talked to a girl who went on last year’s trip to Rwanda. I followed that little idea, and ended up on a team with four other wonderful people going halfway around the world!

We will be working with Rwanda Partners in country, and I am super excited to get to meet the people who are dedicated workers there, and to see the sort of programs they have set up. The purpose of the trip is not ‘going to build a house,’ but rather to go and build relationships: to meet people and share in the relational kingdom of God. So, something that you can be praying for is openness; a willingness to the bigger plan that God has. I hope and pray that, sort of like the little tug from my friend who went last year, each of us going this year will have open eyes and open hearts to the little nudges God is giving us.

This is such a wonderful opportunity, and I am thankful for everyone who has given generously so to allow me to go. If you ever want to meet with me before or after the trip to talk and learn more of my musings, I would love that!


(Also, an exciting little note, I get to volunteer on the SPRINT core team, who organizes these trips, next year for a whole new bunch of kids who get to go do this!)



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